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Custom Wash Bay Systems – a complete washing solution for cleaning vehicles & heavy equipment.

If your business has a fleet of vehicles, trucks or heavy equipment, the Hotsy Equipment Company can help you create a complete wash bay system designed to meet your company’s specific needs. A wash bay will allow you to wash trucks and equipment on site, with your own staff.

Custom wash bay systems by the Hotsy Equipment Company are easy to maintain while also providing a full-service cleaning solution, enabling your team to be more efficient. We can also recommend waste water recycling and treatment systems to ensure your wash bay is environmentally friendly and compliant.


A custom wash bay is a complete washing system normally includes a stationary pressure washer selected to fit your needs, located remotely on the premises, with a trolley system of hoses and wands that allow multiple users to clean heavy equipment and vehicles at the same time. The pressure washer is turned on and off by a remote control station,and is typically connected to existing power and heating sources.

Meet with a Wash Bay System Expert

The pressure washer experts at Hotsy Equipment Company develop Wash Bay Systems customized to fit your specific needs for truck washing, equipment cleaning, and other tasks. To learn more about our wash bay systems contact the Hotsy Equipment Company branch closest to you. Our experts will walk through a check-list of available options and installation guidelines, to ensure we develop a wash bay solution that fits your needs and budget.