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Hotsy Equipment Company – Service Center

Are you frustrated with your pressure washer or other cleaning equipment? Tired of costly break downs? If so, it sounds like your pressure washer may need a tune-up, and our service technicians in Ohio, North Carolina, West Virginia and Kentucky can help. We offer a 24-Point Service Inspection from our cities of operation which includes: Charlotte, Raleigh, Charleston, Clarksburg, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Mansfield, and Lexington, covering the following and more. 


In-House Service & Repair

Each of our nine in-house service and repair centers have a complete parts department and are staffed with certified technicians. All in-house repairs start with our 24-point inspection.

We perform service and repair on ALL pressure washer brands, and are an authorized warranty and service center for Hotsy, Landa and Karcher pressure washers.

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In-House Service & Repair


On-Site Service & Repair

We understand how important your equipment is, and that downtime is costing you money! For customers with stationary machines, machine too far from one of our retail/service locations, or a machine in need of immediate repair, Hotsy Equipment Company offers on-site service and repair.

Our fleet of service trucks are on the road daily and will come to your location to provide repairs as soon as possible. Our certified on-site repair technicians carry a large supply of replacement parts on our service trucks, and typically can correct any issues while at your location. Should a more in-depth repair be required, your service technician may bring your machine to the nearest store location to complete the repair where you can pick it up or have it delivered back to your location.


Scheduled Maintenance

Many of our customers sign up for our scheduled service plan, which is a maintenance agreement for regular pressure washer service and repair for those who use their pressure washer all the time. This is a handshake agreement that you may cancel at any time, but pays off big in preventing problems later, and helps lengthen the life of your equipment.

  • A certified technician will service your machine at regularly scheduled intervals without a road call charge.
  • Includes labor for our 24 Point Inspection. 
  • If additional repairs are identified or necessary, we will get authorization to do any additional work or leave a written estimate.





Verify Voltage Three Phase

Verify Voltage Single Phase

Fuel & Solenoid Troubleshooting