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Industral Parts Washer Rental

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Automatic parts washers not only provide a deeper cleaning than handwashing, they save money by reducing the amount of time it takes to clean parts. Hotsy Equipment Company is an Authorized Dealer of Cuda Industrial Parts Washers. Cuda is the most trusted name in industrial parts washers. Whether the parts you’re cleaning are large or small, wide or narrow, heavy or lightweight, the Hotsy Equipment offers many industrial parts washers that can meet your cleaning requirements.

2848 Front Load Parts Washer

*Call for voltages and rental rates. 


2412 Top Load Parts Washer

*Call for voltages and rental rates.


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Industrial Grade Equipment

Equipment Rental Terms

Customer is responsible for all damage to rental unit. Our cleaning equipment and pressure washer rentals in Ohio, North Carolina, West Virginia, Michigan and Kentucky are a 24 hour per day (8 Hours of Use), 7 day weeks (40 Hours of Use), 28 Day per month (160 Hours of Use). Rental equipment will need returned for all equipment repairs. All no-account customers must have a driver’s license and credit card in their name to rent any equipment. All no-account customers must pay in advance of rentals.

We can gladly help you with Rental Purchase Options and Long term Rentals so feel free to ask…

Contact us to below to request an equipment rental below or call the location nearest you to schedule.