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Hotsy Equipment Company – Equipment Leasing

Finance Options

Leasing allows companies to acquire new equipment without tying up the full cost of the new equipment and enabling the new equipment to “earn its keep” as payments are made.

Hosty Equipment Company offers leasing on all equipment including pressure washers, steamers and automatic parts washers.

Here are just a few of the many benefits to choosing a lease:

  • Improves cash flow– new equipment either saves money on current expenses or increases income. Why pay up-front and then wait for the machine’s contribution to the business if your money is tight?
  • Preserves credit– bank lines and other sources are free to finance business expansion. Newer or fast-growing businesses especially benefit from establishing a new credit source.
  • Possible tax benefits– you may benefit by reporting lease payments as a monthly expense rather than an outright purchase for tax purposes.
  • More than 80% of businesses lease equipment– In addition to the benefits already considered, some customers have special situations that may be addressed with creative lease programs.

The the payment calculator to estimate your payment. Enter your anticipated equipment cost and then select a payment plan – this will show you the payment structure.

You can then email yourself the quote or apply for the lease right away!